Centreless Grinder Redesign and Refurbishment


Element Six

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Synthetic Diamond Super Abrasives Manufacturer

Business Challenge

Centreless Grinder Redesign and Refurbishment

Our Approach

  1. This design and build project used the casting of an existing machine removed from production due to worn out parts, outdated and unserviceable control system. Assessment of the existing machine condition drove the decision-making process on what to retain what to discard.
  2. The assessment identified that the main heads and slideways (main castings) were in good condition. All other component of the machine required replacing.
  3. This included fitting recirculating ball screws in the place of the traditional leadscrews, the addition of servo motors and a Siemens CNC controls package including the associated wiring and programming.
  4. The project also integrated a propriety designed feed system. GEON developed all PLC and CNC programming necessary to run these features.
  5. After 10 weeks the customer took delivery of an as new machine which had been optimised for their product. The machine was positioned and the services connected. Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Commissioning were undertaken on-site by Geon and by Week 11 the machine was in full production.


  • New fully supported 5 Axis CNC Centreless Grinding Machine.
  • Reliable and accurate automated process.
  • Improved guarding and safety systems.
  • CE Marked and compliant machine.


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